pubg-mobile vpn for gun skins

Gone are the days when I used to spend a lot of unknown money (UC) to buy box coupons to open random boxes and get those crappy school shoes every time. Yes, you can get all those exclusive things at no cost. Even if you spend money on buying box coupons hoping to get good things, suddenly, PUBG Mobile surprises you with the favorite and most popular “school shoes” of all.

Things like these have become a nightmare for all PUBG Mobile players. Nobody wants these ultra common and ugly outfits. And, we all know that getting a premium or classic cash coupon is not easy. If you are not spending money, then you have to collect the coupon pieces, combine them all to make a cash coupon. Therefore, it feels pretty bad when useless and random things like these come out of premium boxes. That moment is something that nobody wants to have in the game.

But why am I writing all this, because I also suffered from school footwear disease for quite some time throughout my career at PUBG Mobile. But now I don’t remember when was the last time I saw those disgusting school shoes and other disgusting outfits coming out of my classic and classic PUBG Mobile boxes. All thanks to PUBG Mobile VPN Tricks!

Now I am not going to explain to you what VPN is and how it works because obviously you are here for PUBG’s mobile VPN tricks and not for how VPN works.